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Allen Hughes

Allen Hughes 150x150Eight years ago I had lower back surgery. Everything was going well until I started taking care of my mother full time. All the lifting, carrying, twisting, and bending in awkward positions, as well as the stress that comes with being a full time care-giver, took its toll on my back. I was in discomfort, sometimes real pain, most of the time, and my lower legs and feet were constantly numb. A good night’s sleep was impossible and sitting for any extended period of time was very uncomfortable.

Nature photography is my main hobby. In order to get the best shots I have to drive to the location, and this was difficult. Once there I have to hike, often up and down hills, and usually for miles, but this had become painful. It had reached the point where I couldn’t get out and do the thing I loved to do most. Then one morning while reading the paper I saw an ad for Bay Area Disc Centers. I called and took them upon the complimentary evaluation. First impressions are important to me, and their first impression was that of courtesy, caring, and professionalism. Everything was explained simply and clearly. I needed help and this seemed like the place to get it. After my first three treatments, I noticed a positive difference. After completing the first half, the pain was barely noticeable and I had feeling back in my lower legs and feet.

Recently, I was able to spend a week in Yosemite National Park, one of my all time favorite places. While there, I was able to ride my bike for hours without any pain. I was also able to hike over 25 miles, most of it either up or down hills. The only problem I experienced was that of being out of shape. It was Dr. Ferrigno that made it possible for me to get out in nature and do what I love to do once again.

The thing is, I’m not done yet. I still have four more sessions to go……and I feel great.

Ann Truesdale

Ann Truesdale 150x150When I began my decompression treatment I was trying to play golf with a lot of pain. I was having a lot of pain after sitting down for any period of time, also after riding in a car I could hardly walk. I could not turn over in bed without sitting upright first. Now I am happy to say after 8 weeks of treatment, I can do all of the above with very little or no pain at all. I highly recommend the treatment.

Brian Griego

Brian Griego 150x150I came in to Dr. Ferrigno for lower back pain. It’s a problem that I have had for about 10 to 15 years. I tried everything from physiatrists, medical doctors, doctor of osteopathy, chiropractic, acupuncture, pain medications, epidural injections and everything was a temporary fix. I decided to try the DRX9000 therapy and I’ve gone from an average pain level between 5/7 out of 10 all the way down to a pain level of 1 to 2 pretty consistently. The DRX9000 was definitely the only thing that has made me feel better.

Carol James

Carol James 150x150Many sincere thanks to Bay Area Disc Centers for restoring me to good health. When I came to Dr. Ferrigno with numbness in my hand and arm and severe back pain, you assured me that there was hope. Not only did you make that happen, you also gave me back my energy and sense of well being.

You, Dr. Ferrigno, Dr Papi and the entire staff have been warm and welcoming without fail. I owe you much and thank you doesn’t begin to cover it!

PS. I only wish I had come to you sooner

Charles Sandkulla

Charles Sandkulla 150x150For over 20 years I suffered with Sciatica pain. I tried several different methods to treat this problem but left without success. After reading the full page ad in the Daily Journal Newspaper about Dr. Ferrigno and his method of treating Sciatica, I took a chance in hope of finding any kind of relief. After the series of 24 Decompression Sessions, I can say that I have finally been relieved of the pain. Knowing the success I have had I would thoroughly recommend this type of treatment to anyone that is dealing with Sciatica problems. Thank you, Dr. Ferrigno and Bay Area Disc Centers.

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